Mr. Stone

The Reverend. SAMUEL STONE, Mr. Hooker’s assistant in the ministry, was educated at Emanuel College in Cambridge. “He was eminently pious and exemplary; abounded in fastings and prayer; and was a most strict observer of the christian sabbath. His sermons were doctrinal, replete with sentiment, concisely and closely applied. He was esteemed one of the most accurate and acute disputants of his day. He was celebrated for his great wit, pleasantry, and good humour. His company was courted by all gentlemen of learning and ingenuity, who had the happiness of an acquaintance with him.” (88) After a ministry of thirty years, he died July 20, 1663. His EPITAPH.

New England’s glory and her radient crown
Was he who now in softest bed of down
Till glorious Resurrection morn appear
Doth safely, sweetly sleep in Jesus here.
In nature’s solid art and reasoning well
Tis known beyond compare he did excell
Errors corrupt by sinnewous dispute
He did oppugne and clearly them confute.
Above all things he Christ above prefer’d:
Hartford! thy richest Jewel’s here interr’d.

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