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Congregational Polity 101

Congregational Polity 101, Six Principles and Related Primary Source Voices


Robert Browne

Primary Voice One: Robert Browne (d.1633).  Robert Browne was the first person to write down the basic principles of congregational polity, and to gather a church according to those principles. …

Unitarian Politicians and Other Oxymorons: Lessons from the Life and Times of Adlai Stevenson

The Harvard Square Library is excited to present in time for this election season a special collection of documents pertaining to Adlai Stevenson and his Unitarian faith.   These documents have been made available courtesy of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Illinois (Joan Banks and John Muirhead, congregational historians; the documents are all available in the “links” column at the bottom of this post).

UUA General Assembly Original Bylaws — 1961

Download (PDF, 11.02MB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1992

Download (PDF, 664KB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1991

Download (PDF, 751KB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1990

Download (PDF, 552KB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1989

Download (PDF, 735KB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1988

Download (PDF, 599KB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1987

Download (PDF, 722KB)

UUA General Assembly Minutes 1986

Download (PDF, 410KB)

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