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UUA General Assembly Minutes 1984

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Charles Hartshorne: Psychicalism

By Donald Wayne Viney

Human experience provides the clearest example of the novel actualities that emerge in the “creative advance.” Of course, many nonhuman forms of experience exist. The title of Thomas Nagel’s article “What is it like to be a bat?” (1974) poses a meaningful, if unusual, question.…

Charles Hartshorne: Return to Harvard

Part 3: The Return to Harvard and the Influence of Pierce and Whitehead

by Donald Wayne Viney

Hartshorne was a member of the junior faculty of the Harvard philosophy department from 1925 to 1928. During this period he was exposed to the ideas of two philosophers who, more than any others, helped him refine his thinking: Charles Sanders Peirce, who had died in 1914 and whose papers Hartshorne was assigned to edit; and Alfred North Whitehead, who came from England to join the department at Harvard in 1924.…

Stafford, Rick (1932-)

Rick Stafford

Rick Stafford has been a part of the Harvard Scene as an employee. He was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1932. His parents were both professional oil painters. As a teenager he did odd jobs on Saturday mornings for Arthur Loveridge, the Curator of the reptile collection at the Museum of Comparative Zoology.…

Rick Stafford, Photographer

The Harvard Gallery of Photographs, by Rick Stafford

View the Biography of Rick Stafford

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Harvard Gallery of Photographs by Rick Stafford
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The Harvard Book: Buildings & Campus

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Bird's-Eye View from Memorial Hall Tower
Massachusetts Hall
Reading Room
Holden Chapel
Hollis Hall and Rebellion Tree
Harvard Hall
The Physical Laboratory
Stoughton Hall
Holworthy Hall
Room 12, Holworthy Hall
University Hall
Offices of the President, Dean, and Secretary
Gore Hall
Interior of Gore Hall
Appleton Chapel
Boylston Hall
The Chemical Laboratory
The Peabody Museum
Grays Hall
Thayer Hall
Matthews Hall
Weld Hall
The Old President's House
The Dana House
The President's House
Divinity Hall
Dane Hall
Medical College, Operating Theatre of Mass.

Introduction to “The Harvard Book: Images and Portraits”

The Harvard Book, cover

In 1875 F.O. Vaille and H.A. Clark collected and published The Harvard Book, a two-volume series of historical, biographical, and descriptive sketches profusely illustrated with 75 fine heliotype plates and many wood engravings. These two huge leather-bond, gold-embossed volumes were a gift from the late Edith Maream Stebbins, a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Parish in Milton, Massachusetts.…

The Harvard Book: Portraits

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Josiah Quincy, Edward Everett, Jared Sparks, James Walker and C.

The Harvard Book: Engravings

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First College Seal
Copper Engraving of Massachusetts and the First Stoughton Hall, by Paul Revere
Fac-similie of an Old Engraving of the College Halls
Divinity Hall
The President's Chair
The Harvard Magazine Seal
The Harvard Advocate Seal
The Magenta Seal
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The Church in Harvard Square: Introduction


A series of 14 panels was prepared for installation in the narthex (vestibule) of the Meeting House of the First Parish and the First Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Unitarian Universalist). Here is an online version of that document which celebrates the history of the Church from the early seventeenth century to the early twentieth century.…

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