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West, Robert Nelson (1929-2017)

By Tom Stites

(this article was originally published in the UU World on October 30, 2017; Harvard Square Library is grateful to Tom Stites and the UU World for permission to reprint it here.  The original article can be accessed here).…

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Preface

A Visual Portrait Edited by Herbert F. Vetter, 2004


Table of Contents

Rabindranath Tagore at Visva-Bharati

Images from the University and Campus of Visva-Bharati

Udayan, Rabindranath Tagore’s first house in Santiniketan built in the 1930s

Udayan in 1997, now the Rabindranath Tagore Museum, open to the public

Vaitalik, the morning assembly at Visva Bharat, Santiniketan

Children’s class outdoors at Visva Bharati, Santiniketan

Class outdoors at Visva Bharati, Santiniketan

Oxcart on campus at Visva Bharat, Santiniketan

Mandir (prayer hall) at
Visva Bharati, Santiniketan

‘Chhatimtala’, seat of meditation of Mahavshi Devendranath Tagore,
father of the poet

Visva-Bharati website

Click here for the Visva-Bharati website

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Sriniketan

Sriniketan – Site of the Institute of Rural Reconstruction

This social project of Tagore’s featured a new model of village improvement and education for the local community.

Girls at play

Tug o’ war at the Sriniketan village fair

Cheena Bhavana:
Hall of Sino-Indian Studies

Handicrafts class at Sriniketan

Artistic pottery

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Visva-Bharati University

Rabindranath Tagore founded the university Visva-Bharati in India; below are pictures of some of the scenes, including his home of Santiniketan, which you can read more about at the University’s website, here.

Santiniketan, 1958

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – The Goethe of India

The Goethe of India by Albert Schweitzer

Tagore with a boy in Shantiketan, 1938/39
(Sambhu Shaha)

Modern Indian thought makes a noble attempt to get really clear about itself in Rabindranath Tagore. Born in 1861, he is at the same time thinker, poet, and musician.

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Visva-Bharati Alumni/ae

Visva-Bharati Alumni/ae

Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister of India

Satyaja Ray
Lifetime Master of Cinema

Amartya Sen
(1933 – )
Nobel Laureate in Economics

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Stamps of Celebration

Stamps of Celebration

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Portraits

Portraits of Tagore, Gandhi, and Einstein

Tagore and Gandhi in 1940

The tiny house where Mahatma Gandhi lived when in Santinikan

The Physicist and the Poet

Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore in New York, 1930

Portraits of Rabindranath Tagore

Young Rabindranath Tagore
in England

Elderly Rabindranath (Satyajit Ray)

Rabindranath Tagore: Poet of Power – Tagore Museum

Rabindranath Tagore Museum, Calcutta

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