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Hocking, William Ernest (1873-1966)

William Ernest Hocking

Born in Cleveland in 1873, he receivod his A.B., A.M., and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard. The minister of the First Parish in Cambridge, Samuel McChord Crothers, officiated at his marriage to Agnes Boyle O’Reilly in the home of the bride’s father, John Boyle O’Reilly, the Irish-born poet.

William Ernest Hocking, professor of philosophy at Harvard from 1914 to 1943, except for his service at the front during WWI, was a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendents and the American Society of Puritan Descendents. His publications represent a Puritan-like range of concern. Consider some of the books by him: The Meaning of God in Human Experience, Human Nature and Its Remaking, The Lasting Elements of Individualism, Rethinking Missions, Types of Philosophy, A Free and Responsible Press, Science and the Idea of God, The Coming World Civilization, The Meaning of Immortality in Human Experience. 

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