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The Relevant Reverend – Conclusion

The Relevant Reverend, by Rev. Dr. Herbert F. Vetter

Let us conclude with a question: In the light of the work of these fourteen American ministers, priests, and rabbis who labored in our midst throughout the generation of America’s rise to world power, is it appropriate to see the American clergy primarily as nothing more than a perplexed or powerless profession? When I have looked into the lives of these foregoing religious leaders, I have been repeatedly impressed by the relevant reverend in America. Such leaders as those briefly singled out here for our attention are symbols of a New Renaissance of the free way of life in the New World. These rabbis, priests, and ministers remain for me living facts of a New Renaissance of religion in America. I leave you with the question: If these religious leaders are irrelevant, who is relevant?

-Herbert F. Vetter

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