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Paul Horowitz

Paul HorowitzPaul Horowitz is Professor of Physics at Harvard University, where he teaches physics and electronics. He originated Harvard’s Laboratory Electronics course, now in its 20th year, and is the co-author of The Art of Electronics. His research interests include observational astrophysics, x-ray and particle microscopy, optical interferometry, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. He is the author of some 150 scientific articles and reports, has consulted widely for industry and government, and is the designer of numerous electronic and photographic instruments.

Abstract from the Smithsonian/NASA ADS Astronomy Abstract Service

Title: Project META: What have we found?

Authors: Paul Horowitz

Affiliation: AA ( Harvard University, MA US)
Publication: Planetary Report (ISSN 0736-3680), vol. 13, no. 5, p. 4-9

Publication Date: 10/1993

Category: Space Sciences (General)

Origin: STI


A progress report on META (Megachannel Extraterrestrial Assay) is provided. For eight years, META has been monitoring the northern sky for Doppler-adjusted radio signals at 21 cm wavelength, and it’s “second harmonic” 10.5 cm, based on radio emission from neutral hydrogen, and surmised to be a likely transmission mode of extraterrestrial civilizations. Approximately one million strong signals have been recorded, which have been narrowed down by various criteria, particularly duration of “event,” to 74 candidate events. A complementary program, META II at the Argentine Institute of Radio Astronomy, has been monitoring the southern sky since 1990. Of the 74 candidate events, 37 have been unable to be explained by conventional means. However none has ever repeated, so the results are considerable negative. A new program, BETA (Billion-channel ExtraTerrerstrial Assay) is described that is a joint venture of the Planetary Society, NASA, and the Bosack/Kruger Foundation.

Recommended Reading

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Thomas C. Hayes (1995)
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