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Mel Hurtig (1992)

Mel Hurtig

Mel Hurtig

The Canadian publisher, author and politician Mel Hurtig was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1956, he opened a bookstore that later grew into one of the largest retail book operations in Canada. After selling his stores in 1972, he concentrated on publishing, founding Hurtig Publishers. In 1980, he started the $12 million dollar, comprehensive The Canadian Encyclopedia, published in 1985. In September 1990, Hurtig published the five-volume Junior Encyclopedia of Canada, the first encyclopedia for young Canadians.

He is the former president of the Edmonton Art Gallery and was the founding chairman of the Council of Canadians from 1985 to 1987.

—Courtesy of Wikipedia

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Mel Hurtig

Rushing to Armageddon: The Shocking Truth about Canada, Missile Defence, and Star Wars
by Mel Hurtig

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