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Notable American Unitarians: Business — Jonas G. Clark

Jonas G. Clark, 1815-1900

Jonas G. Clark

Courtesy of the Clark University Archives

Jonas Clark founded Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, located on eight acres of land on Main Street across from the previously established University Park. The Massachusetts State Legislature granted a charter on January 18, 1887. The cornerstone of the first building was laid on October 22, 1887. The first president, installed on January 18, 1887, was G. Stanley Hall, a professor at John Hopkins.

On June 21, 1905, when President Theodore Roosevelt arrived in Worcester, he was escorted from Union Station to Clark University by a large military parade. After addressing the gathering, he had dinner at the home of Rockwood Hoar, the son of Senator Hoar.

Jonas Clark, a citizen who by enterprise and the exercise of great native ability grew wealthy, founded an institution designed to enlarge the boundaries of human knowlege. His first grant of $2,000,000 was for philosophical research, to be extended in all directions. He later contributed an additional $2,000,000.

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