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Henry J. Cadbury (1948)

Henry J. Cadbury

Henry J. Cadbury

Chairman of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) of Philadelphia and distinguished New Testament scholar at Harvard, Henry Cadbury was the Hollis Professor of Divinity. A humanitarian, pacifist, biblical scholar, and prolific writer, Cadbury proposed the formation of the American Friends Service Committee—a Quaker relief organization—in order to spearhead relief activities in Europe after World War I. Under Cadbury’s leadership, the AFSC became involved with black schools in the South, in settlement houses, and in depressed areas of Appalachia. In 1931, at the request of President Herbert Hoover, the Service Committee fed children of coal miners. A pacifist organization, the AFSC was organized to offer Quakers and young conscientious objectors “a service of love in wartime.”

—Courtesy of Harvard University

P. S. Professor Cadbury received the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the American Friends Service Committee. He also discovered that the New Testament Book of Acts was composed by the author of The Gospel According to Luke.

Recommended Reading:

The Peril of Modernizing Jesus
by Henry J. Cadbury

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