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Henry DeWolf Smyth (1955)

Henry DeWolf Smyth

Henry DeWolf Smyth

Henry DeWolf Smyth (1898-1986) was an American physicist, diplomat, and a bureaucrat who played a number of key roles in the early development of nuclear energy. He is the most famous for authoring the Smyth Report, the first official US history of the Manhattan Project, which developed the first nuclear weapons, for being a commissioner on the Atomic Energy Commission from 1949 to 1954, and for being the US representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency from 1961 to 1970. He was the chairman of the Department of Physics at Princeton University from 1935 until 1949. He was the lone dissenter among the AEC commissioners during the security hearing of his friend J. Robert Oppenheimer, and was also the recipient of the Atoms for Peace Award in 1968.

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Henry DeWolf Smyth

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